Company Overview


Since its establishment in 1981, Nagoya Dies has been dedicated exclusively to the core of the industry, namely mold forming. During this time, the era has witnessed increasing diversification and sophistication, challenging companies to truly demonstrate their individual value. At Nagoya Dies, we strive to contribute to society in this evolving era by clarifying our corporate vision and refining and enhancing our proprietary technologies to better align with the needs of our company. To achieve this, we are advancing the standardization of many subsystems in mold forming, transcending the conventional concept and framework of standardization, aiming to establish a new comprehensive mold forming standardization system that organically integrates and utilizes these subsystems.

As Nagoya Dies, we will continue to hone our highly specialized skills in mold processing, possessing steadfast proprietary technologies to meet the future needs of the production field.

Nagoya Dies Co., Ltd.
President and CEO, Masato Yamaguchi

We will refine our specialized skills in mold processing to meet the future needs of the production field.


To aim for the development of proprietary technology.

The distinctive feature of Nagoya Dies lies in the in-house design and production of forging dies. In the field of plastic processing (forging), precision in die manufacturing, attention to detail, and the application of expertise are crucial. At Nagoya Dies, this aspect is directly conveyed from the designer to the manufacturer. We believe that our expertise, covering forging dies such as press, hammers, and headers, as well as the further development of unique technologies in each process, can contribute to meeting the future needs of our customers.


Origin of the logo mark

○Precise Blue (Precision = precision / leatherworking): Symbolized by blue, Nagoya Dies meets the needs of the times with high-precision specialized techniques.
○Creative Orange (Creative = creative): Symbolized by orange, Nagoya Dies, capturing the needs of the times with abundant creativity.

Company Overview

Company Name Nagoya Dies Co., Ltd. 
Location 〒459-8011
401 Chome, Jōnōyama, Midori-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi-ken, Japan
TEL 052-624-0202(Main)
FAX 052-624-0212
Established Shōwa 56 (1981)
Capital 10 million yen
History January of Shōwa 56 (1981): Nagoya Daisu Co., Ltd. established in Showa-ku, Nagoya City.
October of Shōwa 57 (1982): Moved to Daikōcho, Midori-ku, Nagoya City.
April of Shōwa 61 (1986): Changed the capital to 4 million yen.
August of Heisei 3 (1991): Capital increased to 10 million yen.
Banks Mitsubishi Tokyo UFJ Bank, Narumi Branch
Aichi Shinkin Bank, Oodaka Branch


Affiliated company


Mahito Yamaguchi

(Representative of World Design Inc.)

Establishment October 2012
Location JABABEKA Industrial Park (30 km east of JAKARTA)
Contact address

Telp.(021)29082519 Fax.(021)29082520

Number of employees 30
Products Cold forging die (Cold forging die design by World Design CO.,LTD)